Thursday, December 07, 2006

Digital cinema debuts in Bengali

The first digitally shot Bengali feature film Kranti saw a September release. Directed by Riingo, a familiar name on Bengali television for his telefilms and produced by Shri Venkatesh Films, the largest and most progressive production house of Kolkata, this film possibly gave birth silently to a revolutionalising technical trend- digital cinema.

The film was shot on a high-definition digital format, got colour correction done and finally converted to film format. Hence the texture, hues were refreshingly different from others. The highpoint of shooting in this style is that the film can be given the desired look in terms of colour at a much lower cost. The director can use this technique to stylize his film and raise the quality bar.

Kranti also is the most stylishly shot Bengali film ever. Since cinematography was handled by Riingo who has a strong hold of the craft, the frames looked very different than average fare and at par with current Hindi films. Also most probably for the first time, three people from a band Hip Pocket (Som, Rishi, Samidh) scored the music (You must not consider Neel Nirjane by Subrata Sen where the band Cactus featured as part of the story and hence had songs specially composed for the film).

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